Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How is Rope Made


Machine use to turn the yarn into strands

History of the Plymouth Cordage Company at

 Mystic Seaport Connecticut

Several strands twist makes a rope

For thousand of years, humans have used twisted fiber rope 
for many purposes.Rope is well known for all of us 
but we probably most of us don't know much about how is made.
Step 1
Raw plant FIBERS are spun together to form a YARN 
the twist is usually made left to right.
Step 2
Several YARNS are twisted together to form a STRAND.
the twist is always opposite to the twist of the yarns.
Step 3
STRANDS (usually 3, but sometimes 4 or 6) 
are laid-twisted together to form a ROPE.
This twist is always opposite to the twist of the strands.The opposing twists in each step keep the rope from unraveling.

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