Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Since Halloween is around the corner, we knew we needed a spooky window display.
Our design team and laser cut team both collaborated together to bring this spooky display to life.

The design team first set up the stretchable spider web (Available in store) with our clear string 100 yds (Available in store).
They were inspired to create a gigantic life like spider web where the bats would get tangled on.

Both teams decided which designs of the bats and spiders would best fit with our window.
Our design team selected the Glamour Noir and  Maze Noir paper; both are available online and at our store.


After receiving the papers chosen by our design team the laser cut team went quickly to work on laser cutting the bats and spiders.
25 bats and 30 spiders were laser cut for our window display.
For inquiries about laser cutting feel free to contact pplaserart@gmail.com

*All products are available at our store.
For inquiries please contact info@paperpresentation.com

Monday, October 19, 2015

Paper Presentation in Paper Land

This falling cake was inspired by "Alice in Wonderland" but with a Paper Presentation take on it.
Our visual team took a set of gift boxes from our Gift Wrapping section and made this beautiful creation out of it.
They first used the round gift boxes in three different sizes.
(Circular gift boxes available in store only, Square Gift Boxes available in store and online.
After gluing them on top of each other, the boxes were painted with Martha Stewart's Crafts Grey Wolf color.

The candles were made using Lemon DropFirecracker Red and Lava to represent the fire.
The base of the candles were made using Grandma's Quilt Paper which can be found in store at our scrap-booking section.

Monday, October 12, 2015

FALL In Love With Our New FALL Window

October is here and so is our new Fall window!
In our previous post Create & Present It we showed the products and materials that were used to create this display.
In this post we'll show the products shown in our window display.

The leaves used in our window display were all made using our Custom Laser Cutting 
For inquiries email our team at pplaserart@gmail.com

Products displayed in our fall window.

4x4 Inch Ring Album, Cork
2016 Week To Week Planner
2016 Small Week View Planner
Premium Ribbons
Silicone Pen Holder
(Available in store)

Photo Album
Martha Stewart Crafts
Little B Stickers
Solvent Ink (Ink for stamp)
Tape Patterns
(Available in store)

*All products are available at our store.
For inquiries please contact info@paperpresentation.com

Create & Present It!

While our visual team is hard at work creating our Fall window we will take you behind the scenes and show the products that are being used during this creation process.
They are spray painting tree branches white and attaching paper leaves that were cut using our laser cutters.
For more information about laser cutting please feel tree to email pplaserart@gmail.com
All of the materials used to create our visuals are from our store.
So get inspired, create and present it!
Since we love seeing everyone's creations, feel free to share your creations with us, use the #PresentIt & #PaperPresentation
For any inquiries reach us at papermindedsocial@gmail.com

1.) Foam Dots - 275 Count (Available in store)
2.) Glue Dots (Glue Lines)
3.) Monofilament Clear String 100 yds (Available in store)
4.) Spray paint - Flat White (Available in store)

1.) Funk Copper Brush (Shown in picture)
2.) Amate Weave (Shown in picture)
3.)Champagne Ribbon (Shown in picture)
4.) Gold Brush Mirror Gold (Available in store)
5.) Gold Arrows #MYS106 (Available in store)
6.)  P1840 Black Damask (Available in store)
7.) Ombre Red #MSC101 (Available in store)

*All products are available at our store.
For inquiries please contact info@paperpresentation.com

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Gold + Black

Metallics are still very much in trend for weddings, and we love the idea of mixing Gold + Black.A glitzy Antique Gold + Black wedding color palette is absolutely stunning, and  one-of-a-kind chic look!
We have used PP Antique Gold Card stock and Black Matte Card Stock to make our wedding invitation set. our LASER CUTTING services has given a glamour look to this invitation set. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

FALL in Love

Paper Presentation Fall Window Decoration

In our previous article Paper Fashion For The Paper Minded we talked about 
why and what colors of papers we choose.
But in this article we'll show our latest window display, behind the scenes of 
how we made it as well the products we used.
We decided for our October window display we wanted more of a classic and 
sophisticated look instead of the traditional Autumn color sequence.
So we did a sophisticated take on Halloween.
The theme of colors we choose were neutral/beige which complements 
most of the colors in the color wheel and added a few gold pieces as accents 
to give it a bit of glamour.

We bought bright orange ceramic pumpkins and decided to paint them with 
Martha Stewart's Crafts Gray Wolf and Gold.
These amazing colors really brought out the shape and texture of the 
pumpkins and gave us the sophisticated look we were going for.

We used various shapes of boxes in different colors and ribbons.

For the backdrop we used various sizes of  envelopes, from mini to small.


Please take a look at our video of our design team hard at work creating our fall window display.

*All products are available at our store.
For inquiries please contact info@paperpresentation.com