Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Our design team has been hard at work on our Valentine's Day window display.
They are using our in house laser cutters for this project and also using our own papers available at our store or at our website.
The papers used to create the butterflies were (Matt- Pink Feather,Metallic - BlushMetallic - ArgentoMetallic - Nude,Plike - Grey )
 onto our Mirri- Mirror Gold paper.
By adding the gold mirror paper it added dimension to our project because the reflection of the butterflies's wings looked as if they were truly flying.
We will be selling all the butterflies at our store, available in 6 colors and two designs of butterflies.

Make sure to watch our video of our Valentine's Day display; we have the behind the scenes to the finished display.
We first started by selecting a neutral colors for our display instead of the typical Valentine's Day color palette.
After deciding on the colors our Design team worked with our Laser Cut team to begin cutting the butterflies.
The butterflies were cut into 2 different designs in 6 different colors each.
The back of the butterflies were glued with the gold mirror butterflies to give depth to each one of them.
They used our Foam Boards (available at our store) to create the hearts, each of them were made up of two foam boards glued together and later hand cut using our sharp x-acto knife(Available at our store).

Here are the products on our window display.
Each arrow is 7"L, adorned with glitters, feathers and stripes. Brilliant  curating and a passion for decor define the trending home and lifestyle brand. They all are made from bamboo wood.
Give your pens, postcards, and desktop doodads the patch of grass they've longed for. Our Softie Grip Grass transforms your workspace into a garden of grab-ables faster than you can say "Hold everything!" Slide Grip Grass into our perfect-fit Medium Accessory Tray to turn your desk into a field of dreams--and you never have to mow it.

Add a DIY twist to your Valentine greetings with this fanciful kit including cards, envelopes and wooden arrows. There is 24 cards, envelopes and arrows. 

Products available at our store.
For inquiries please contact or call (800) 727-3701

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