Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Andy Warhol

From kids to adults, it seems like everyone is a Andy Warhol fan and these Warhol themed products are a must-have for any Warhol fan. 

                         Warhol Marilyn Memo Block

A decorative Warhol Marilyn memo block is just the thing to add a touch of glamour to a desk or counter.
The pad's image is based on Andy Warhol's iconic 1962 acrylic portrait of Marilyn Monroe, which he based on a publicity photograph from 1953. 

This pop art memo block makes a nice little gift: it comes on a base box platform with an acetate protector sealed by wafer seals on both sides.

Brillo Memo Pad

A decorative Warhol Brillo memo block is just the thing to keep at a home or office desk or kitchen counter.

                          Andy Warhol Marilyn 300 Piece Puzzle

Even parents enjoy assembling this special Andy Warhol Marilyn 300 piece jigsaw puzzle. The iconic portrait of Marilyn Monroe was created by Andy Warhol in 1962 as an acrylic painting based on a publicity still from 1953. 

Warhol Idea Journal
Have fun brainstorming with an Andy Warhol Idea Journal. Andy Warhol (1928-87) was one of the preeminent American artists of the twentieth century. This journal was created in conjunction with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. and uses details from various Andy Warhol artworks, 1958-1987. "You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you."—Andy Warhol.

Warhol Coloring Book
Mudpuppy's Andy Warhol Coloring Book features the iconic pop artist's greatest hits ready to be colored in and customized by young artists. Introduce well-known classics like Andy's Campbell's Soup Cans to a new generation in a creative and interactive way with this 32-page coloring book. Each page is perforated to easily tear out and display as a new work of art.

Warhol Desk Box
Exclusively designed for Andy Warhol collectors and fans, this deluxe desk set includes useful tools for creative thinkers. Each piece celebrates Warhol’s iconic style: a lined journal with quotes and artwork, a memo pad that echoes the patterns of Warhol’s silkscreened boxes, a Campbell’s can pencil sharpener, stickers, banana-shaped bookmark, a “15 minutes of fame” sand timer, six-inch ruler, and cow’s head eraser. The set even includes a never-before seen “self-copy” Xerox from Andy. All is contained within a sturdy, re-usable box, making this a must-have for any Warhol fan. 

Warhol Puzzle

This 200 piece puzzle, packaged like one of Andy Warhol's iconic Brillo Boxes, will delight puzzlers of all ages.

Warhol Wooden Magnetic Shapes

Andy Warhol magnetic shape sets are lots of fun for kids or for Andy Warhol fans.

Each colorful wooden magnet--from flowers and cows through soup can-- is based on an Andy Warhol work and was created in conjunction with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. 

Arrange them on the refrigerator or any metal surface for your own artistic look. The full magnetic backing will hold each piece in position. 

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Can't Buy Me Love, But You Can Buy These Beatles Must Haves

From pencils to Beatles 500 piece puzzle these are must haves for every Beatles fan!

Beatles Mini Journal (Set of 3)
The Beatles 1964 Collection Mini Journal Set collects three portable journals into a beautifully designed package. Each journal features an elastic band and colorful artwork inspired by the music of their landmark 1964 US tour. Will you pen the story of A Hard Day's Night? Take a break from sketching to Twist & Shout? Or tell a friend, "You Can't Buy Me Love, but you can buy me these mini journals"?

Beatles 42 Wooden Magnetic Shapes

Celebrate the legacy of the Fab Four The Beatles Wooden Magnetic Set. Each box comes with forty-two pieces made with 80% recycled wood and full magnetic backing. Pieces feature an impressive variety of art and illustrations that Beatles fans will recognize, including record covers, head shots, ticket stubs, and more! Both decorative and functional, this is the perfect gift for music lovers.

Set of 8 Pencils

A perfect gift for a fan of the Fab Four, this colorful set of wood pencils made by Galison features eight popular song titles from the Beatles' 1964 landmark US tour.

The Beatles 500 Piece Puzzle

This commemorative 500 piece puzzle, which showcases the Beatles' twenty-seven #1 hits in a full-color collage, will be a loved by any Beatles fan or collector.

Beatles Journal

The Beatles hype reached a fever pitch in 1964 when the band made their first US appearance, starting with The Ed Sullivan Show and continuing with a groundbreaking tour of the States. The Beatles 1964 Collection Specialty Journal commemorates this historic event with a gorgeous 112-page reporter-style journal—inviting you to write, create, and sketch within its pages. Featuring a timeline of the tour, vintage ticket art, and images of the young Fab Four, this journal is sure to delight any music lover.

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Give Your Office Desk A Make Over!

With a endless selection of desk accessories there's no excuse to not have a organized and stylish desk this year!
We have all the supplies needed to transform your desk and your life this new year!
With every color available to match your personality and inspire you to be the best you can be.

Give your pens, postcards, and desktop doodads the patch of grass they've longed for. Our Softie Grip Grass transforms your workspace into a garden of grab-ables faster than you can say "Hold everything!" Slide Grip Grass into our perfect-fit Medium Accessory Tray to turn your desk into a field of dreams--and you never have to mow it.

Too many big decisions getting you down? Have no fear! 
Our assorted Signature Ballpoint Pens come in 6 desk-brightening colors to save your decision-making energies for other matters. Plant the whole bunch in your Pen Cup and spring your desk into full bloom, or mark six days of the week with a Signature color. (For The Sunday Crossword, we recommend a pencil, of course.)

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Scrapbooking Enhances Your Favorite Memories!

Scrapbooking enhances your favorite memories and we have all that you need to let your imagination and creativity run free.
We'll show a few creative ideas for you to begin to get crafty, which were all created by our design team using products from our store.
We also show the details of every product used for our scrap booking, most of which you can find at our online store or you can find it at our store; located in the heart of Manhattan.
We love seeing your creations so make sure to use our #PaperPresentation so we can share with our creative and crafty readers.
If there are any themes of scrapbooking you would like our design team to create send them to

Flower boarder cutter (Available at store)
Just Married sticker (Available at store)

Flower Pattern Paper (Available at store)
Dog Paws stickers (Available at store)
1st Place sticker (Available at store)

Gold Dots on Pink Paper (Available at store)
Gold Mirror Sticker (Available at store)
Flower Sticker (Available at store)

Flower Stickers (Available at store)
Gold Hearts See Through Paper (Available at store)

Deer Cut Out (Available at store)

India Sticker (Available at store)
Taj Mahal Sticker (Available at store)

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Our Kid's Corner Is Full Of Fun!

Sesame Street jumbo-sized plush characters are ready for big time fun!
 Everybody loves Elmo, and now you can bring home your very own Take Along version of the beloved character.

It's super soft, chubby, squishy, lovable oh and yeah a unicorn!

Not only its adorable it also comes in large, medium, small and mini.

The lovely pastel color scheme and embroidered details will make you nostalgic for the toys of your childhood. Fans love how super soft, fat and squishy this toy is. It's really just too cute!

This brand new mini clip-on plush with long lashes and a pink bow and includes a pink clipIt's super soft, chubby, squishy and lovable! 

Now you can show off your love for the internet’s favorite kitty curmudgeon by bringing home your very own Grumpy Cat! Our 9" plush version features an accurate grouchy expression, as well as realistic details.

These babies blankets are soft and adorable, comes in one size with three different animals available.
Elephant, bunny and sheep which is your favorite?

These teddy bear are sophisticated yet perfectly gentle for babies to play with.

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Valentine's Day Perfect Gifts!

Our recycled leather coin purses, long pouches, card cases, and cosmetic pouches are both must haves as well as great gifts for Valentine's Day!
With different sizes and colors available it will be hard to just chose one!

These long pouches are prefect for everyone, with various sizes and colors available these are a must have.
Accessorize your pens or even make up brushes with these exotic cases.
It's all up to you how to organize it!

Here's the skinny: our metallic Slim Pouch keeps everything you need in a clinch contained in a clutch. The flat design makes it a perfect fit for travel docs in your carry-on or a touch-up kit in your tote. An interior zip pocket is sized right for a phone, passport, or whatever you need to have handy.

Front-facing zipper pull keeps your stuff safe
Fits an iPad Mini or Kindle
Lined in cotton canvas for a contrasting pop of color
Interior slip pocket for the small stuff

These mini folders are made of recycled leather with a metal button closure.
They are great for business cards, gift cards and credit cards.
Also makes for a great gift or everyday use.

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