Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dress Up Your Gift!

Gift Wrapping takes any present to the next level, and Paper Presentation knows all about that.
We offer an endless selection of gift bags, ribbons, gift boxes and gift wrapping services at our store.

Gold & Silver can never go wrong especially for wine bottles gift bags.

If you are looking for something more traditional we offer many bags full of colors of  the holiday spirit.

So many beautiful gift bags it might be tougher to select which bag to buy rather than the present.

We also offer various sizes bags, perfect for any present!
*All products are available at our store.
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Merry Decorations!

 Our tree ornaments are perfect for Christmas and we have them in various shapes, sizes and themes.
Our elegant peacock and our wool felts ornaments are very popular.
Our gold and silver collection are also very popular.
Combining Gold & Silver creates a very chic and elegant color palette. 

Our salt & peppers shakers are sure to grab attention at the table.
From Santa stuck in the chimney to a Christmas themed train, we have them all!

Are you ready for your close up?
Our camera ornaments seems to think so.

This 3-D Gingerbread House Card is great gift.

This is a great card to send to someone to get creative with, stickers and decorations come with it for them to began building their gingerbread house.

*All products are available at our store.
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DIY Gift Bags & Envelopes Using Scrapbooking Paper

These envelopes were made using scrap booking paper and a scoring board from our crafts section
The scoring board helps to score perfect flawless crisp lines very quickly.
Perfect for creating invitations, envelopes, gift boxes, and more.

The possibilities are endless while creating envelopes or anything else using scrap booking paper. Mostly because it is double sided with patterns so even the inside will have a colorful side.

The Scoring Board is easy to use and leaves great results.

Create custom gift bags straight from home using a gift bag punch board.

The Gift Bag Punch Board used to create the gift bag above works for all types of occasions and many projects.
It creates gift bags in 3 different sizes in just a few simple steps.
*All products are available at our store.
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We Bring Your Ideas To Laser Cut Reality

If you can imagine it we can create it here at Paper Presentation with our custom laser cutting machines with the utmost precision and elegance.
From invitations, table cards, gift boxes to anything else, our Laser Cutting team will work one on one with you to bring your ideas to life!

Using laser-cutting technology we are able to create beautiful works of art just take a look for yourself at our photos.
Our laser cutting team works with you to take your ideas to the next level and create a elegant work of art.
*For more information visit Laser Cutting page on our website or contact us at