Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Decor

 Spring Decoration 2012

{The Umbrellas}

  Umbrellas shapes cut by laser machine

  to cover our umbrellas and make it pretty
with a spring look we used pattern paper some ribbons and
paper flowers

{The Fence}

 For our fence we follow the same steps 
as the umbrellas using our laser machine and 
tracing brown paper we covered the pieces

to connect the pieces we added some wood craft spoons
and for decoration some glittery dots

{The Tree}

 With just tissue paper we made these pompoms 
then we attached to a branch
and "Voilá" the tree was ready for our window.
(You can see our team member Valerie, designer 
and creator of this project)

for more information about products and
 materials used in this project contact our store

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