Monday, October 12, 2015

Create & Present It!

While our visual team is hard at work creating our Fall window we will take you behind the scenes and show the products that are being used during this creation process.
They are spray painting tree branches white and attaching paper leaves that were cut using our laser cutters.
For more information about laser cutting please feel tree to email
All of the materials used to create our visuals are from our store.
So get inspired, create and present it!
Since we love seeing everyone's creations, feel free to share your creations with us, use the #PresentIt & #PaperPresentation
For any inquiries reach us at

1.) Foam Dots - 275 Count (Available in store)
2.) Glue Dots (Glue Lines)
3.) Monofilament Clear String 100 yds (Available in store)
4.) Spray paint - Flat White (Available in store)

1.) Funk Copper Brush (Shown in picture)
2.) Amate Weave (Shown in picture)
3.)Champagne Ribbon (Shown in picture)
4.) Gold Brush Mirror Gold (Available in store)
5.) Gold Arrows #MYS106 (Available in store)
6.)  P1840 Black Damask (Available in store)
7.) Ombre Red #MSC101 (Available in store)

*All products are available at our store.
For inquiries please contact

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