Friday, October 2, 2015

FALL in Love

Paper Presentation Fall Window Decoration

In our previous article Paper Fashion For The Paper Minded we talked about 
why and what colors of papers we choose.
But in this article we'll show our latest window display, behind the scenes of 
how we made it as well the products we used.
We decided for our October window display we wanted more of a classic and 
sophisticated look instead of the traditional Autumn color sequence.
So we did a sophisticated take on Halloween.
The theme of colors we choose were neutral/beige which complements 
most of the colors in the color wheel and added a few gold pieces as accents 
to give it a bit of glamour.

We bought bright orange ceramic pumpkins and decided to paint them with 
Martha Stewart's Crafts Gray Wolf and Gold.
These amazing colors really brought out the shape and texture of the 
pumpkins and gave us the sophisticated look we were going for.

We used various shapes of boxes in different colors and ribbons.

For the backdrop we used various sizes of  envelopes, from mini to small.


Please take a look at our video of our design team hard at work creating our fall window display.

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