Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This Week's Top Picks

Get Wild These Fun Pens

No matter what your spirit animal may be, we have it at our store.
(Available at our store)

Feeling Creative?

Take a look at these amazing colored pencils, all available at our store .

(Available at our store)

Pets are always welcome to Paper Presentation and while your're both here why not pick up something for your special little someone.
Our reversible Pet Bow Ties and our eco-friendly natural cotton fetch toys are very popular among the little ones.
(Available at our store)

Eco friendly durable cotton fetch toys and extra resistant natural rubber play balls are a must have.
(Available at our store)

Whether it's a Doodle Jar (12 in each jar) or Plastic Quill (each sold separately) , just get creative and #PresentIt 

*All products are available at our store.
For inquiries please contact

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