Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Black & White Elegant Must Haves

These vibrant black and white products will keep you on trend and on task.
From office must haves, to gift bags, to elegant scrapbook materials, we have it all at Paper Presentation.

1. Scrapbook paper (Available in different patterns)

2. Black & White Twine

3. Black & White Tape

4. Cotton Pouch

5. Love Gift Bag

6. Safari Journal

7. Paper Presentation's Party Favor Bag

8. Blank Journal

9. Party Napkin

10. Thank you card

11. Small Quote Plate

12. Paper Presentation's Party Favor Bag

13. Cell phone charger

14. Ear buds

15. Animals Hardcover Note Pad

16. Cotton Pouch

17. Leather Hournal

18. White & Black Polka Dots Pen

19. Paper Presentation's Straws Dots

20. Scrapbooking Tux Sticker

21. Mr. & Mrs. blank note card

22. Tape with designs

23. Black & White Lines Straws

Products available at our store.
For inquiries please contact info@PaperPresentation.com or call (212) 463-7035

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