Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Give Your Office Desk A Make Over!

With a endless selection of desk accessories there's no excuse to not have a organized and stylish desk this year!
We have all the supplies needed to transform your desk and your life this new year!
With every color available to match your personality and inspire you to be the best you can be.

Give your pens, postcards, and desktop doodads the patch of grass they've longed for. Our Softie Grip Grass transforms your workspace into a garden of grab-ables faster than you can say "Hold everything!" Slide Grip Grass into our perfect-fit Medium Accessory Tray to turn your desk into a field of dreams--and you never have to mow it.

Too many big decisions getting you down? Have no fear! 
Our assorted Signature Ballpoint Pens come in 6 desk-brightening colors to save your decision-making energies for other matters. Plant the whole bunch in your Pen Cup and spring your desk into full bloom, or mark six days of the week with a Signature color. (For The Sunday Crossword, we recommend a pencil, of course.)

Products available at our store.
For inquiries please contact or call (212) 463-7035

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