Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Design your desk to match your style!

  Paper Presentation has everything you need to be stylish and functional.

This set of four Arrow Pencils are designed to get straight to the point. Each pencil is topped with and arrow to allow your ideas to fly as you write or draw. Makes a great gift

These notebooks are the perfect chic must haves for everyday uses and gifts.
They're fun, trendy and stylish for to-do lists and notes.
Each pack comes with 3 Notebooks with coordinating designs, some with gold accents.

Take a shine to everyday office supplies reimagined with a midas touch. Whether you dress up your desk with the whole collection or just one piece (hello strike gold pen set!), may the mix of metallic gold and acrylic bring a luxe twist to even the most mundane of tasks.

Choose from a variety of stylish pencils, perfect to bring some color to any office desk.

Gold never gets old
These stylish pens and chic notepads are must have!
Bring some elegance and color to your everyday life.

The perfect paper companion.
We have a large selection of @moleskine products at Paper Presentation.
From notebook, planners to sketchbooks and much more!
Come by our store and pick your favorite!

Each pencil with a different animal heads to allow your ideas to fly as you write or draw. Makes a great gift

Products available at our store.
For inquiries please contact or call (212) 463-7035

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