Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hugs, Kisses and Springtime Kisses

Hoppy Easter!
Come to our store for fun Easter decorations, the whole family will love!
Perfect for your Easter celebrations!

What’s your favorite thing about the spring season? Tiny toes in the grass? The perfect spring outfit or the first whiff of blooms? Or how about our kid's corner? Full of fun toys and much more!

Ready to Spring ahead? 
Give yourself the gift of color and let your personal style match your office style!
We have a large selection of office supplies, perfect for any style!

Are you a lark or a night owl? Larks rise with the sun and do their best work in the morning; owls like to get it done when it's dark out. Whether you like it light or dark, we've got the desktop organization items to match your style.

Take your creativity to the next level with our sketchbooks, planners, journals and much more!
Come by our store and pick your favorite!

Show us how you create your work space
With our office products, your office will end up looking chic and functional!

1. Paper Tray
2. Pen Holder
3. Desk Organizer Tray
4. Stapler
5. Ballpoint Gel Pens

How do you stay Chic & Functional?
Share with us how you stay organized with your favorite items from our large office products selection.

Make your desk work for you!
Come by our store and pic your favorite office supplies in your favorite colors!

Relax yourself with our adult coloring books.
Come by our store, pick your favorite colors of pens, markers and color pencils from our large crafts selection.

Functional & Chic
Create your own sleek, calm and clean chic work space.

1.Folder Tray
2. Tape Dispenser
3. Paper Clip Tray
4. Paper Tray
5. Desk Drawer Organizer

We're all about Presentation!

Who says your office desk has to be boring, our organizational items are both sophisticated and functional.
Come by our store and pick your favorites!

Sleek & Sophisticated 
Our dark + designed work space is for those who like their home office like they like their scotch: straight-up and sophisticated.
Come by our store and pick your favorites!

1. Tape Dispenser
2. Desk Tray Folder

A calm + chic home office should feature a light and airy workspace, to let you focus your mind and show off your style.
Come by our store and pick your favorites!

1. Desk Tray Organizer
2. Desk Paper & Folder Tray
3. Desk Container Organizer
4. Tape Dispenser
5. Ballpoint Gel Pen

We’re excited to introduce our new Zodiac Collection to the spring 2015 line!

At Paper Presentation, you’re sure to find the perfect card. With an extensive collection of greeting cards, including classic, modern pop-ups, lenticulars, and laser-cut designs, choosing your favorite might be a challenge. We know how to celebrate every occasion, from weddings to birthdays, and everything in between.

Our handmade greeting cards always have the right words to say and look beautiful while expressing sweet sentiments. With a constantly growing inventory, our cards are consistently fresh and on-trend. We have a passion for helping you express yourself. Our comprehensive collection is harmoniously made up of the most unique greeting cards. We know just how to savor all of life’s memorable moments. 

Products available at our store.
For inquiries please contact or call (212) 463-7035

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