Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Share The Love!

We have everything needed to make this Valentine's Day special at our

store, located in the heart of Manhattan.

Whenever you hear the chimes know I'll always be there.
This stainless steel silver heart is a great sophisticated gift for your loved one.

Shiny, gold icons say it all! These gold foil stamped note cards have a simple heartfetti pattern icon that says XOXO.
The boxed set of 8 cards comes packaged in a clear box, with foil stamped in shiny yellow golf and bright white card stock.

These candy heart valentines with shiny gold foil border and cute messages are the perfect way to show your love.
The cards come in a stylish presentation box with 20 coordinating envelopes.
The cards measure approximately 3.5" x 4"

One of Cupid's cleverest confections, this candy-heart-inspired Rubik's Cube of sweet talk will get your message of love across. Printed all over with sugary sayings, the 2" cube must be read and re-read until the puzzle is solved. A brainteaser to love! 

Knock My Socks Off comes with two pairs of socks in a Heart Gift pack.
Assorted 2 sets : Heart Pattern/ Solid Red, Arrow Pattern/Solid Pink (Fits size 9-11)

 Looking for a cute and small Valentine's Day gift?
You just found it!
These golf zippered small coin purse makes a great V Day gift, with various messages to chose from it will be hard to chose just one.

There are 15 bandages included in this tin container with 4 different colors available of Boo Boo Kisses.
This DIY love letters are a perfect way to get creative and crafty for Valentine's Day.

For many people, tattoos are a provocative and evocative way to make the body more attractive and desirable. They are definitely a statement! Whether you and your lover are into permanent tattoos or want to just play with the concept, the Kiss My Tattoo kit provides temporary tattoos with sayings such as, “nibble me here,” or “the perfect spot.” Selecting, applying, and following their instructions can turn any encounter into an x-rated evening. The tattoos are made with edible materials. 

These stirs come in a packaged in a set of 25, also available in gold.

Products available at our store.
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