Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Must Haves This Week!

Real oak veneer is color-stained and cerused to accentuate its grain pattern in these highly giftable wine bottle cylinders and nested sets of gift boxes. Wine cylinders have leather ties; boxes have elastic closures.

Our stylish collection of bags is made from recycled canvas truck tarps with frayed-edge panels and blue stitching.The canvas bags will range slightly in color from natural to a natural-toned silvery gray. Roomy square tote bags feature bronze grommets and drawstring ties to cinch closed. Two sizes of dopp kits have dark bronze zippers with brass and leather pull tabs.

Roost Leather-Handled Wire Baskets are rustic mesh baskets, crafted from coated wire and fitted with distressed leather handles. The rectangle nested baskets have myriad home office uses; a nested set of hanging baskets hang neatly from a hook or shoulder. The round caddy is sized for bottle gifting, a wrapped bundle of flowers, or neatly holding a newspaper from a door knob.

Our delightful papier-mache pigs are quite fun to use. Put coins in the pig until chock-full, when you pull the hind leg string the pig" belly or hind-quarter is split and it spills its loot. Coins can" be removed until you "reak" the bank " good for only a single usage. The large size and ornament-sized piggy banks come in four colors: natural, silver-gray, blue and rose.

Thick, natural woven linen is enzyme-washed to give it extra softness then sewn into spacious tote bags and a useful pouch. The totes offer interior pockets and are enhanced by leather accents. The Indigo bags have blue and white striped cotton lining, while the Almond and Persimmon pieces are lined with a brown and cream cotton stripe.

Trust our penny-pinching porker with your pocket change.  Hand-blown glass bank features a coin deposit slot in the top and a removable wooden snout for easy withdrawal!  He also sports a wood and leather tail.
(Dimensions: 5.75"h x 8.5"l x 4.25"w)

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